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Rocky Apollo Jedick MD Company Founder

Rocky “Apollo” Jedick MD, MBA

Go Flight Medicine (GFM) is an aviation & occupational medicine clinic located in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to issuing FAA medical certificates, we provide expertise and consultation for HIMS and complex medical cases affecting pilots and air traffic controllers. 


GFM was created as a blog about aviation medicine in 2013 by Dr Rocky Jedick while serving as a USAF flight surgeon in Italy. Dr Jedick is currently a HIMS Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA as well as a Lt Col and Senior Flight Surgeon in the Utah Air National Guard. He is a practicing board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician and adjunct faculty at the University of Utah. 

In 2016, Go Flight Medicine LLC was created as as a new business dedicated to providing civilian pilots the same level of personalized medical care as military fighter pilots. We aim to strongly advocate for our airmen while still upholding the medical standards that serve as the backbone for flight safety. 

Pilot wearing helmet and oxygen mask

Dr Jedick served as a flight surgeon with fighter squadrons flying the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II in the Republic of Korea and then the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon aka Viper at Aviano AB, Italy where he racked up almost 150 hours in the Viper. He also had exposure to high-altitude and space medicine, caring for pilots flying the Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady. During his active duty service, Dr Jedick practiced medicine in South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Alaska, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Estonia, and Sweden. Following active duty service, Dr Jedick served in the UT ANG preparing for disaster response with the CERFP team. He has cared for RPA pilots as a reservist flight surgeon as well as fighter pilots flying the USAF premier stealth fighter, the F-35 Lightning at Hill AFB. He now practices as a Critical Care Air Transport Team doc for the UT ANG as well as performing flight physicals and consultation for the FAA.