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Pilot Performance Optimization

As a professional pilot the only variable that YOU truly control is your own fitness, health and well-being.  This is the Human Factor.  There is no reason you should not seek to maximize your performance in the jet by optimizing the human machine!

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The Flight Surgeon

Flight Surgeon Resources

Here you will find a number of useful resources for both the novice and seasoned flight doc.  Whether deployed or in garrison, having this information accessible will make your life easier!

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Altitude Chamber Hypoxia Training

History of Flight Medicine

Hippocrates of Greece & Galen of Rome are renowned for their central roles in modern medicine, but who is aware of Paul Bert’s many contributions to medicine? Read more

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History of Aviation

Man’s desire to fly dates back to the very dawn of recorded history, but this fantasy became reality in 1903 on a small sandy beach in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Read more

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Southwest Airlines Flight 1248

Notable Aircraft Mishaps

One of the most fascinating & challenging opportunities expected of the aviation medical physician is serving as ‘human factors’ expert on mishap investigation boards. Read more

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Pilot Art

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Become an Aviation Medical Examiner Today!

Last weekend, I attended a medical seminar held by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Denver, CO.  The seminar was a refresher training seminar for Aviation Medical Examiners (AME).  Although I had not yet been designated an AME, my experience and training as a USAF flight surgeon allowed me to[...Click Below to Read More]

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Spitfire 944 – WWII Flight Surgeon Footage

This short 14 minute documentary featured in the 2007 Sundance Film Festival won’t leave you disappointed.  The film invigorates an aged WWII pilot when he is reunited with old video footage of himself taken by his unit’s flight surgeon during the war. The film was directed by William Lorton and produced by[...Click Below to Read More]

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Top Knife – Fighter Pilot Tactics for Flight Docs

This article discusses an awesome opportunity specifically designed for USAF flight surgeons to gain a firmer understanding on fighter and combat aircraft operations.  This course is a good use of time for any military flight surgeon, but is an absolute necessity for any flight doc assigned to a fighter squadron,[...Click Below to Read More]

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In Flight Emergency – Cabin Pressure & Hypoxia

I was recently in Estonia for a NATO military training exercise.  Flying in the back seat of an F-16D (two seater), I was ‘gently’ reminded of the importance of human factors in flight and the constant, inherent danger in combat aviation.  Even in the training environment, significant risks and aeromedical stressors[...Click Below to Read More]

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Clearing Your Ears

Most aviators learn early in their career that flying with a simple upper respiratory infection or seasonal allergies can be painful.  Gases in the sinuses and middle ear expand in accordance with Boyles Law as altitude increases and pressure decreases. [For a full discussion on the Gas Laws that apply[...Click Below to Read More]

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