USAF Bases in the Pacific (PACAF)

Below is a list of USAF in the Pacific (PACAF).


Name Location Coordinates Unit Emblem Unit Designation Notes/Mission
Eielson Air Force Base Fairbanks, Alaska 64°39′56″N 147°06′05″W / 64.66556°N 147.10139°W / 64.66556; -147.10139 (Eielson AFB) 354th Fighter Wing.png
168th Air Refueling Wing.png
354th Fighter Wing
168th Air Refueling Wing (AK ANG)
F-16 Fighting Falcon Red Flag-Alaska aggressor training. Air National Guard KC-135 Stratotanker air refueling unit.[97][98]
Kadena Air Base Okinawa, Japan 26°21′06″N 127°46′10″E / 26.35167°N 127.76944°E / 26.35167; 127.76944 (Kadena AFB) USAF - 18th Wing.png
353d Special Operations Group.png
18th Wing
353d Special Operations Group (AFSOC)
F-15 Eagle air defense operations over Japan and East Asia. The 18th Wing also conducts KC-135 air refueling and E-3B Airborne Command and Control operations in addition to HH-60G PAVEHawk Search and Rescue helicopter operations. 353d SOG provides special operations capability to PACAF.[99] 18th Operations Group (as 18th Pursuit Group) was assigned to Wheeler Field, Hawaii Territory on 21 January 1927. Oldest USAF unit continually assigned to Pacific.
Kunsan Air Base Republic of Korea 35°54′13″N 126°36′57″E / 35.90361°N 126.61583°E / 35.90361; 126.61583 (Kunsan AB) 8thfw-emblem.jpg 8th Fighter Wing F-16 Fighting Falcon defense of South Korea.[100] 8th Operations Group (as 8th Pursuit Group) oldest Fifth Air Force unit, continually assigned since 6 March 1942.
Misawa Air Base Japan 40°42′19″N 141°22′19″E / 40.70528°N 141.37194°E / 40.70528; 141.37194 (Misawa AB) 35th Fighter Wing.png 35th Fighter Wing F-16 Fighting Falcon air defense operations over Japan.[101]
Osan Air Base Republic of Korea 37°05′26″N 127°01′47″E / 37.09056°N 127.02972°E / 37.09056; 127.02972 (Osan AB) 51st Fighter Wing.png 51st Fighter Wing
694th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group
F-16 Fighting Falcon air defense of South Korea and A-10 Thunderbolt II support of US/ROK ground forces. HQ Seventh Air Force[102]
Yokota Air Base Japan 35°44′55″N 139°20′55″E / 35.74861°N 139.34861°E / 35.74861; 139.34861 (Yokota AB) 374th Airlift Wing.jpg 374th Airlift Wing C-130 Hercules tactical airlift operation in Western Pacific. HQ Fifth Air Force[103] 374th Operations Group (as 374th Troop Carrier Group) continually assigned to Fifth Air Force since 12 November 1942. Activated in Australia, never assigned to the United States.