Active Duty USAF CONUS Bases

Below is a list of USAF bases with Active Duty units across the Continental United States.

Name Location Coordinates Major Command Unit Emblem Unit Designation Notes/Mission
Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles Air Force Office of Public Affairs Provides assistance to the entertainment industry as a single point of contact for information and assistance with entertainment productions having Air Force themes or segments.
Altus Air Force Base Altus, Oklahoma 34°39′59″N 099°16′05″W / 34.66639°N 99.26806°W / 34.66639; -99.26806 (Altus AFB) AETC 97th Air Mobility Wing.jpg 97th Air Mobility Wing 19th Air Force. This wing is tasked to train C-17 Globemaster and KC-135 Stratotanker crews in advanced specialty programs for 3,000 students yearly. 97th AMW operates C-17 Globemaster III for operational training flights.[2]
Arnold Air Force Base Tullahoma, Tennessee 35°23′33″N 086°05′09″W / 35.39250°N 86.08583°W / 35.39250; -86.08583 (Arnold AFB) AFMC Arnold Engineering Development Center.png Arnold Engineering Development Center Non-flying base; Primary AFMC research and development center. The base is home to the largest flight simulation facilities in the world (AEDC). In 2002, $10 million was spent to expand these facilities even further. There are 58 aerodynamic and propulsion wind tunnels, rocket and turbine engine test cells, space environmental chambers, arc heaters, ballistic ranges and other specialized units.[3]
Barksdale Air Force Base Bossier City, Louisiana 32°30′07″N 093°39′46″W / 32.50194°N 93.66278°W / 32.50194; -93.66278 (Barksdale AFB) AFGSC 2d Bomb Wing.png
307th Bomb Wing patch 2011.jpg
2d Bomb Wing
307th Bomb Wing (AFRC)
The 2d Bomb Wing is the oldest bomb wing in the Air Force and one of two B-52 Stratofortress wings; 307th BW Air Force Reserve B-52 wing integrated with 2d BW.
HQ Eighth Air Force
HQ Air Force Global Strike Command[4]
Beale Air Force Base Marysville, California 39°08′10″N 121°26′11″W / 39.13611°N 121.43639°W / 39.13611; -121.43639 (Beale AFB) ACC 9th Reconnaissance Wing.png
940th Air Refueling Wing.png
9th Reconnaissance Wing
940th Wing (AFRC)
12th Air Force. U-2R Dragonlady, RQ-4 Global Hawk and MC-12 Liberty reconnaissance operations worldwide. The base, considered to be the Air Force’s model ISR hubs and includes DGS-2. The base covers 23,000 hectares and is home to 6,000 personnel.[5]
Buckley Air Force Base Aurora, Colorado 39°42′06″N 104°45′06″W / 39.70167°N 104.75167°W / 39.70167; -104.75167 (Buckley AFB) AFSC 460th Space Wing.png
140th Wing.png
460th Space Wing
140th Wing (CO ANG)
Non-Flying wing; provides missile warning, missile defense, technical intelligence, satellite command and control. Colorado ANG operates F-16 Fighting Falcons[6]
Cannon Air Force Base Clovis, New Mexico 34°22′58″N 103°19′20″W / 34.38278°N 103.32222°W / 34.38278; -103.32222 (Cannon AFB) AFSOC 27th Special Operations Wing.png 27th Special Operations Wing Special Operations base; SOW plans and executes specialized and contingency operations globally. Aircraft include MC-130 Combat Spear; MQ-1 Predator; AC-130 Gunship; CV-22 Osprey.[7]
Cavalier Air Force Station Mountain, North Dakota 48°43′55″N 97°54′16″W / 48.73194°N 97.90444°W / 48.73194; -97.90444 (Cavalier AFS) AFSC 21st Space Wing.png 21st Space Wing Non-Flying wing; Operated by the 10th Space Warning Squadron. The station monitors and tracks potential missile launches against North America. NORAD relocated Cheyenne Mountain AFS operations to Peterson Air Force Base for efficiency on 28 July 2006.[8]
Columbus Air Force Base Columbus, Mississippi 33°38′38″N 088°26′38″W / 33.64389°N 88.44389°W / 33.64389; -88.44389 (Columbus AFB) AETC 14th Flying Training Wing.jpg 14th Flying Training Wing 19th Air Force. Specialized undergraduate pilot training (UPT). Aircraft include T-6 Texan II, T-1 Jayhawk, T-38 Talon[9]
Creech Air Force Base Indian Springs, Nevada 36°35′14″N 115°40′24″W / 36.58722°N 115.67333°W / 36.58722; -115.67333 (Creech AFB) ACC 432d Wing.png 432d Wing 12th Air Force. Primary USAF unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations base. Conducts global reconnaissance worldwide. HQ Joint UAS Center of Excellence. Creech is home to the unmanned Predator missions conducted regularly in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.[10]
Davis–Monthan Air Force Base Tucson, Arizona 32°09′59″N 110°52′59″W / 32.16639°N 110.88306°W / 32.16639; -110.88306 (Davis–Monthan AFB) ACC 355th Fighter Wing - Emblem.png
USAF - 55th Electronic Combat Group.png
USAF - 214 Reconnaissance Group.png
355th Fighter Wing
162d Fighter Wing (AZ ANG)
55th Electronic Combat Group
214th Reconnaissance Group (AZ ANG)
563d Rescue Group
943d Rescue Group (AFRC)
12th Air Force. 355th Fighter Wing composed of A-10s, tasked to train A-10 pilots and provide close air support to ground forces around the world. 55th Electronic Combat Group operates EC-130H Compass Call aircraft. Arizona ANG operates MQ-1 Predator UAS. Also HQ for Twelfth Air Force. The base is also popular because of the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, formerly known as AMARC, or the Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center, where hundreds of retired military aircraft and large missiles are stored.[11]
Dover Air Force Base Dover, Delaware 39°07′42″N 075°27′53″W / 39.12833°N 75.46472°W / 39.12833; -75.46472 (Dover AFB) AMC 436th Airlift Wing.png
512th Airlift Wing.png
436th Airlift Wing
512th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
Operates C-5 Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster III heavy strategic airlift globally. Also the home for the largest military mortuary in the Department of Defense, used for processing military personnel killed in both war and peacetime.[12]
Dyess Air Force Base Abilene, Texas 32°25′15″N 099°51′17″W / 32.42083°N 99.85472°W / 32.42083; -99.85472 (Dyess AFB) ACC 7th Bomb Wing.png
317 Airlift Group crest.png
7th Bomb Wing
317th Airlift Group (AMC)
12th Air Force. 7 BW is one of two B-1 Lancer bomber wings in USAF. Tenant 317 AG operates C-130 Hercules theater transports.[13]
Edwards Air Force Base Edwards, California 34°54′20″N 117°53′01″W / 34.90556°N 117.88361°W / 34.90556; -117.88361 (Edwards AFB) AFMC 412th Test Wing.png 412th Test Wing Air Force Flight Test Center. Almost every United States military aircraft since the 1950s has been at least partially tested at Edwards, and it has been the site of many aviation breakthroughs with experimental aircraft being tested at Edwards.[14] Edwards also appears to have jurisdiction over Air Force Flight Test Center (Detachment 3), Nevada (AKA “Area 51”)[15]
Eglin Air Force Base Valparaiso, Florida 30°29′N 086°32′W / 30.483°N 86.533°W / 30.483; -86.533 (McConnell AFB) AFMC 96th Test Wing - Emblem.png
53d Wing.png
33d Fighter Wing
53d Wing (ACC) 96th Test Wing
919th Special Operations Wing (AFRC)
Air Armament Center. AAC is the center responsible for the development, acquisition, testing, deployment and sustainment of all air-delivered weapons by the USAF. ACC 53d Wing serves as the focal point for ACC in electronic warfare, armament and avionics, chemical defense, reconnaissance, and aircrew training. AETC 33rd Fighter Wing provides joint USAF/USN/USMC/NATO/Allied pilot and maintenance personnel training for the F-35 Lightning II[16]
Ellsworth Air Force Base Box Elder, South Dakota 44°08′42″N 103°06′13″W / 44.14500°N 103.10361°W / 44.14500; -103.10361 (Ellsworth AFB) ACC 28th Bomb Wing.png 28th Bomb Wing 12th Air Force. 12 BW is one of two B-1 Lancer bomber wings in USAF.[17]
Fairchild Air Force Base Airway Heights, Washington 47°36′54″N 117°39′20″W / 47.61500°N 117.65556°W / 47.61500; -117.65556 (Fairchild AFB) AMC 92d Air Refueling Wing.png
92nd Air Refueling Wing
141st Air Refueling Wing (WA ANG)
Operates KC-135 Stratotanker assigned to the 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force. Provides air refueling, as well as passenger and cargo airlift and aero-medical evacuation missions globally.[19]
Fort Jackson Columbia, South Carolina Air Force Chaplain Corps - Emblem.png HQ Air Force Chaplain Corps Tenant unit on United States Army installation.[20]
Fort Meade Odenton, Maryland 70isrw.jpg 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing Tenant unit on United States Army installation. Part of the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency[21]
Francis E. Warren Air Force Base Cheyenne, Wyoming 41°07′59″N 104°52′01″W / 41.13306°N 104.86694°W / 41.13306; -104.86694 (Francis E. Warren AFB) AFGSC 90th Space Wing.png 90th Missile Wing LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM base with launch facilities in Southeast Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and Northern Colorado. It is also the home of Twentieth Air Force, which commands all United States Air Force ICBMs.[18]
Goodfellow Air Force Base San Angelo, Texas 31°25′46.6716″N 100°23′56.5434″W / 31.429631000°N 100.399039833°W / 31.429631000; -100.399039833 (Goodfellow AFB) AETC 17th Training Wing.svg 17th Training Wing 2d Air Force. Non-flying training base. Goodfellow’s main mission is cryptologic and intelligence training for the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps.[22]
Grand Forks Air Force Base Grand Forks, North Dakota 47°57′40″N 097°24′04″W / 47.96111°N 97.40111°W / 47.96111; -97.40111 (Grand Forks AFB) AMC 319th Air Base Wing
69th Reconnaissance Group
Part of AMC Worldwide Tanker Force. KC-135 Stratotanker provides global air refueling.[23]
Hanscom Air Force Base Lincoln, Massachusetts 42°28′12″N 071°17′21″W / 42.47000°N 71.28917°W / 42.47000; -71.28917 (Hanscom AFB) AFMC 66th Air Base Group Electronic Systems Center (ESC). Established during World War II for RADAR and electronic warfare research. Today the ESC supports research, acquisitions, and electronic systems.[24]
Hill Air Force Base Ogden, Utah 41°07′26″N 111°58′22″W / 41.12389°N 111.97278°W / 41.12389; -111.97278 (Hill AFB) AFMC 75th Air Base Wing.png
388th Fighter Wing.svg
419th Fighter Wing.png
75th Air Base Wing
388th Fighter Wing (ACC)
419th Fighter Wing (AFRC)
748th Supply Chain Management Group
One of three AFMC Air Logistics Complexes. Ogden Air Logistics Complex is primary support depot for A-10, B-2, F-16 aircraft and Minuteman III ICBMs and provides depot-level maintenance on those weapons systems. ACC 388th Fighter Wing & AFRC 419th Fighter WIng operate F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft; 388 FW was the first operational F-16 wing and Hill AFB the first operational F-16 base in 1978.[25]
Holloman Air Force Base Alamogordo, New Mexico 32°51′09″N 106°06′23″W / 32.85250°N 106.10639°W / 32.85250; -106.10639 (Holloman AFB) ACC 49th Wing
96th Test Group (AFMC)
12th Air Force. Operates F-22 Raptor. Trains MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper pilots and sensor operators. German Air Force training unit. 96th TG performs high speed sled track testing, navigation and guidance system testing, radar signature measurements, weapon systems flight testing, and Air Force Liaison for all AF programs tested at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). German Air Force Tactical Training Center. Hundreds of German Air Force military personnel and 12 Panavia Tornados are assigned to the base to conduct advanced tactical training before returning to Germany.[26]
Hurlburt Field Mary Esther, Florida 30°25′40″N 086°41′22″W / 30.42778°N 86.68944°W / 30.42778; -86.68944 (Hurlburt Field) AFSOC 1st Special Operations Wing.svg
505th Command and Control Wing.png
1st Special Operations Wing
24th Special Operations Wing
505th Command and Control Wing (ACC)
HQ Air Force Special Operations Command, Special Operations base; Both SOWs plan and execute specialized and contingency operations globally. Aircraft include MC-130 Combat Spear; MQ-1 Predator; AC-130 Gunship; CV-22 Osprey. ACC 505th CCW is to improve warfighter capability through command and control testing, tactics development and training; part of Nellis USAF Weapons School.[27]
Keesler Air Force Base Biloxi, Mississippi 30°24′41″N 088°55′25″W / 30.41139°N 88.92361°W / 30.41139; -88.92361 (Keesler AFB) AETC 81st Training Wing.png
403d Wing.png
81st Training Wing
403d Wing (AFRC)
2d Air Force. Primary AETC Technical Training school for electronics, such as wideband maintenance, ground radio, information technology, avionics, cryptography. Air Force Reserve Command’s 403rd Wing operates WC-130 Hercules Hurricane Hunter aircraft. HQ Second Air Force.[28]
Kirtland Air Force Base Albuquerque, New Mexico 35°02′25″N 106°36′33″W / 35.04028°N 106.60917°W / 35.04028; -106.60917 (Kirtland AFB) AFMC 377th Air Base Wing.png
58th Special Operations Wing.jpg
377th Air Base Wing
150th Fighter Wing (NM ANG)
58th Special Operations Wing (AETC)
USAF Nuclear Weapons Center (NWC). The NWC is the center of expertise for nuclear weapon systems, ensuring safe, secure and reliable nuclear weapons are available to support the National Command Structure. Also AETC 19th Air Force Special Operations Command training base and training facility for ACC combat search and rescue (CSAR) communities. The 58 SOW operates the MC-130H Combat Talon II and MC-130P Combat Shadow, HC-130P King, UH-1N Huey, HH-60G Pave Hawk and CV-22 Osprey aircraft.[29]
Laughlin Air Force Base Del Rio, Texas 29°21′34″N 100°46′41″W / 29.35944°N 100.77806°W / 29.35944; -100.77806 (Laughlin AFB) AETC 47th Flying Training Wing.png 47th Flying Training Wing 19th Air Force. Specialized undergraduate pilot training (UPT) and is the largest pilot training base in the Air Force. The airfield handles the most takeoffs and landings among all airports in the United States. Aircraft include T-6 Texan II, T-1 Jayhawk, T-38 Talon[30]
Little Rock Air Force Base Jacksonville, Pulaski County, Arkansas 34°55′01″N 092°08′47″W / 34.91694°N 92.14639°W / 34.91694; -92.14639 (Little Rock AFB) AMC USAF - 19th Airlift Wing.png
314th Airlift Wing.png
19th Airlift Wing (AMC)
314th Airlift Wing (AETC)
189th Airlift Wing (AR ANG)
C-130 Airlift base for Air Mobility Command. Also only C-130 Hercules training base for the Department of Defense, training C-130 pilots, navigators, flight engineers, and loadmasters from all branches of the US military as well as 28 allied nations, in tactical airlift and aerial delivery.[31]
Los Angeles Air Force Base El Segundo, California 33°55′08.79″N 118°22′50.23″W / 33.9191083°N 118.3806194°W / 33.9191083; -118.3806194 (Los Angeles AFB) AFSC 61st Air Base Wing.svg 61st Air Base Group Non-flying facility. Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC). The center manages research, development and acquisition of military space systems.[32]
Luke Air Force Base Glendale, Arizona 33°32′06″N 112°22′59″W / 33.53500°N 112.38306°W / 33.53500; -112.38306 (Luke AFB) AETC USAF - 56th Fighter Wing.png
944th Fighter Wing.png
56th Fighter Wing
944th Fighter Wing (AFRC)
19th Air Force. F-16 Fighting Falcon training base.[33]
MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, Florida 27°50′58″N 082°31′16″W / 27.84944°N 82.52111°W / 27.84944; -82.52111 (MacDill AFB) AMC 6th Air Mobility Wing.png
927th Air Refueling Wing.png
6th Air Mobility Wing
927th Air Refueling Wing (AFRC)
HQ United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) and United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The 6 AMW is a 3,000-person force capable of providing air refueling anywhere in the world. It is augmented by the 927 ARW, a 1,000-person AFRC Associate unit. 6 AMW and 927 ARW operate KC-135 Stratotanker air refueling aircraft and the 6 AMW additional C-37 Gulfstream V executive airlift/transport operations. NOAA Air Operations a tenant activity with WP-3D Hurricane Hunter aircraft.[34]
Malmstrom Air Force Base Great Falls, Montana 47°30′17″N 111°11′14″W / 47.50472°N 111.18722°W / 47.50472; -111.18722 (Malmstrom AFB) AFGSC 341st Missile Wing.jpeg 341st Missile Wing LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM base with launch facilities in central Montana.[35]
Maxwell Air Force Base Montgomery, Alabama 32°22′45″N 086°21′45″W / 32.37917°N 86.36250°W / 32.37917; -86.36250 (Maxwell AFB) AETC 42d Air Base Wing.png
Air University.png
USAF - 908th Airlift Wing.png
42nd Air Base Wing
Air University
908th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
754th Electronic Systems Group
HQ Air Education and Training Command and Air University. Is the U.S. Air Force’s center for Joint Professional Military Education (JPME). Also maintains jurisdiction of nearby Gunter Annex, formerly Gunter AFS. The 908th Airlift Wing (908 AW) is a tenant C-130 Hercules Air Force Reserve Command unit and the only operational flying wing at Maxwell.[36]
Civil Air Patrol HQ (CAP/USAF)
McConnell Air Force Base Wichita, Kansas 37°37′23″N 097°16′02″W / 37.62306°N 97.26722°W / 37.62306; -97.26722 (McConnell AFB) AMC 22d Air Refueling Wing.png
USAF - 931st Air Refueling Group.png
22d Air Refueling Wing
184th Intelligence Wing
931st Air Refueling Group (AFRC)
KC-135 Stratotanker. Primary mission is to provide global reach by conducting air refueling and airlift.[37]
Minot Air Force Base Minot, North Dakota 48°24′57″N 101°21′29″W / 48.41583°N 101.35806°W / 48.41583; -101.35806 (Minot AFB) AFGSC 5th Bomb Wing.png
91st Space Wing.png
5th Bomb Wing
91st Missile Wing
One of two B-52 Stratofortress wings in USAF. 91st Missile Wing operates LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM launch facilities in northwestern North Dakota.[38]
Moody Air Force Base Valdosta, Georgia 30°58′4″N 83°11′34″W / 30.96778°N 83.19278°W / 30.96778; -83.19278 (Moody AFB) ACC 23d Wing.jpg 23d Wing
93d Air Ground Operations Wing
820th Base Defense Group
476th Fighter Group (AFRC)
9th Air Force. A-10 Thunderbolt II. Moody AFB executes worldwide close air support, force protection, and combat search and rescue operations (CSAR) in support of humanitarian interests, United States national security and the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).[39]
Mountain Home Air Force Base Mountain Home, Idaho 43°02′37″N 115°52′21″W / 43.04361°N 115.87250°W / 43.04361; -115.87250 (Mountain Home AFB) ACC 366th Fighter Wing.png 366th Fighter Wing 12th Air Force. F-15E Strike Eagle Mountain Home’s primary mission is to provide combat airpower and combat support capabilities to respond to and sustain worldwide contingency operations.[40]
Nellis Air Force Base Las Vegas, Nevada 36°14′10″N 115°02′03″W / 36.23611°N 115.03417°W / 36.23611; -115.03417 (Nellis AFB) ACC 57th Wing.svg
926th Group - emblem.png
57th Wing
99th Air Base Wing
53d Test and Evaluation Group
505th Test and Evaluation Group
563d Rescue Group
926th Group (AFRC)
USAF Warfare Center. Nellis is home of the largest and most demanding advanced combat air-training mission in the world. Also home base of the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron (Thunderbirds)[41]
Offutt Air Force Base Omaha, Nebraska 41°07′10″N 095°54′31″W / 41.11944°N 95.90861°W / 41.11944; -95.90861 (Offutt AFB) ACC 55th Wing.png 55th Wing 12th Air Force. Headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), the Air Force Weather Agency and the ACC 55th Wing. 55th Wing responsible for global worldwide strategic intelligence gathering using Boeing RC-135. Former Cold War Headquarters of Strategic Air Command (SAC).[42]
Patrick Air Force Base Brevard County, Florida 28°14′06″N 080°36′36″W / 28.23500°N 80.61000°W / 28.23500; -80.61000 (Patrick AFB) AFSC 45th Space Wing.png
920th Rescue Wing.jpg
45th Space Wing
920th Rescue Wing (AFRC)
45 SW manages all launches of unmanned rockets at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS). These rockets include satellites for the US military, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the National Security Agency, as well as scientific payload launches in support of NASA and foreign governments. 920 RQW, a tenant AFRC unit, consists of HC-130P and HH-60G aircraft and over 1,500 Airmen, trained and equipped to locate and recover U.S. Armed Forces personnel during both peacetime and wartime military operations.[43]
Peterson Air Force Base Colorado Springs, Colorado 38°49′25″N 104°41′42″W / 38.82361°N 104.69500°W / 38.82361; -104.69500 (Peterson AFB) AFSC 21st Space Wing.png
302d Airlift Wing.png
21st Space Wing
302d Airlift Wing (AFRC)
HQ Air Force Space Command. 21 SW provides missile warning and space control to NORAD and U.S. Strategic Command through a network of command and control units and ground and space-based sensors operated by geographically separated units around the world. 302 AW is a tenant AFRC unit flying C-130 theater airlift aircraft.[44]
Pope Field Fayetteville, North Carolina 35°10′15″N 079°00′52″W / 35.17083°N 79.01444°W / 35.17083; -79.01444 (Pope AAF) AMC 43d Airlift Wing.svg
440th Airlift Wing.png
43d Airlift Group
440th Airlift Wing (AFRC)
Under United States Army jurisdiction due to BRAC 2005 closure of USAF Pope AFB and transfer to Army control.
USAF now in tenant status at Pope performing C-130 Hercules tactical airlift operations in support of Army airborne units at Fort Bragg in preparation for airborne and aerial resupply missions.[45]
Robins Air Force Base Warner Robins, Georgia 32°38′24″N 083°35′30″W / 32.64000°N 83.59167°W / 32.64000; -83.59167 (Robins AFB) AFMC 78 ABW.jpg
116th Air Control Wing.png
78th Air Base Wing
461st Air Control Wing (ACC)
116th Air Control Wing (GA ANG)
689th Combat Communications Wing
One of three AFMC Air Logistics Complexes. Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex is primary logistics support depot for AC-130/C-130 (and variants), C-17, E-8, F-15, HH-60, RQ-4 (UAS) and UH-1 aircraft and helicopters and provides depot-level maintenance on those weapons systems. HQ Air Force Reserve Command. Supports ACC and Georgia ANG E-8C Joint STARS reconnaissance aircraft global operations.[46]
Schriever Air Force Base Colorado Springs, Colorado 38°48′12″N 104°31′32″W / 38.80333°N 104.52556°W / 38.80333; -104.52556 (Schriever AFB) AFSC 50th Space Wing.png
310th Space Wing.png
50th Space Wing
310th Space Wing (AFRC)
Orbital satellite operations. Provides command and control for more than 170[1] Department of Defense warning, navigational, and communications satellite. Schriever is also the operations center for the Global Positioning System, the world’s largest military satellite constellation.[47]
Scott Air Force Base Belleville, Illinois 38°32′43″N 089°50′07″W / 38.54528°N 89.83528°W / 38.54528; -89.83528 (Scott AFB) AMC 375 AW.jpg
932d Airlift Wing.png
126th Air Refueling Wing.png
375th Air Mobility Wing
932d Airlift Wing (AFRC)
126th Air Refueling Wing (IL ANG)
HQ Air Mobility Command; Aeromedial evacuations; AMC Special Air Mission
KC-135 Stratotanker (ANG). Also Headquarters for the Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC), United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and United States Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC).[48]
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Goldsboro, North Carolina 35°20′22″N 077°57′38″W / 35.33944°N 77.96056°W / 35.33944; -77.96056 (Seymour Johnson AFB) ACC 4th Fighter Wing.png
916th Air Refueling Wing.png
4th Fighter Wing
916th Air Refueling Wing (AFRC)
9th Air Force. Provides worldwide deployable F-15E Strike Eagle and personnel capable of executing combat missions in support of the Aerospace Expeditionary Force. The wing also provides logistical support to an Air Force Reserve Command KC-135 Stratotanker unit.[49]
Shaw Air Force Base Sumter, South Carolina 33°58′23″N 080°28′22″W / 33.97306°N 80.47278°W / 33.97306; -80.47278 (Shaw Air Force Base) ACC 20th Fighter Wing.png 20th Fighter Wing 9th Air Force. Operates F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft in conventional and anti-radiation suppression of enemy air defenses, strategic attack, counter-air, air interdiction, joint maritime operations and combat search-and-rescue missions. HQ ACC Ninth Air Force; United States Air Forces Central (USCENTAF) and United States Army Central (USARCENT)[50]
Sheppard Air Force Base Wichita Falls, Texas 33°59′20″N 098°29′31″W / 33.98889°N 98.49194°W / 33.98889; -98.49194 (Sheppard AFB) AETC 82d Training Wing.png
80th Flying Training Wing.png
82d Training Wing
80th Flying Training Wing
2d Air Force. AETC technical training wing; 19th Air Force 80th FTW conducts the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) program, the world’s only multi-nationally manned and managed flying training program chartered to produce combat pilots for both USAF and NATO.[51]
Thule Air Base Greenland 76°31′52″N 068°42′12″W / 76.53111°N 68.70333°W / 76.53111; -68.70333 (Thule AB) AFSC 821st-Air-Base-Group.jpg 821st Air Base Group Most northern USAF facility. Under operational control of 21st Space Wing, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. Provides missile warning, space surveillance and space control to NORAD and Air Force Space Command.[52]
Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 35°24′53″N 097°23′12″W / 35.41472°N 97.38667°W / 35.41472; -97.38667 (Tinker AFB) AFMC 72d Air Base Wing.png
552d Air Control Wing.png
507 ARW.jpg
72d Air Base Wing
552d Air Control Wing
507th Air Refueling Wing (AFRC) <BR. 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group
One of three AFMC Air Logistics Complexes. Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex is primary logistics support depot for B-1, B-2, B-52, KC-135 and E-3 aircraft and provides depot-level maintenance on those weapons systems. The Air Force Sustainment Center is also Headquartered here. 552d Air Control Wing flies Air Combat Command’s E-3 Sentry AWACS aircraft. The E-3’s radar and other sensors provide deep-look surveillance, warning, interception control and airborne battle management.[53]
Travis Air Force Base Fairfield, California 38°15′46″N 121°55′39″W / 38.26278°N 121.92750°W / 38.26278; -121.92750 (Travis AFB) AMC 60th Air Mobility Wing.png
349 AMW.jpg
60th Air Mobility Wing
349th Air Mobility Wing (AFRC)
The 60th AMW is the largest wing in the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, with a fleet of C-5 Galaxies, KC-10 Extenders, and C-17 Globemaster III aircraft providing airlift around the world.[54]
Tyndall Air Force Base Panama City, Florida 30°4′43″N 85°34′35″W / 30.07861°N 85.57639°W / 30.07861; -85.57639 (Tyndall AFB) AETC 325th Fighter Wing.png
USAF - Con AF North.png
325th Fighter Wing
53rd Weapons Evaluation Group
19th Air Force. 325th FW provide air dominance training for F-22A Raptor and F-35A Lightning II pilots and maintenance personnel and air battle managers. The 1st Air Force ACC NORAD CONR-AFNORTH provides airspace surveillance and control and directs all Air Defense activities for the continental United States.[55]
United States Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, Colorado 38°59′25″N 104°51′30″W / 38.99028°N 104.85833°W / 38.99028; -104.85833 (USAF Academy) US-AirForceAcademy-Shield.svg
10th Air Base Wing.png
306th Flying Training Group.png
10th Air Base Wing
306th Flying Training Group
USAF Federal military academy. The academy offers a four-year program with a Bachelor of Science degree with graduates commissioned as second lieutenants in the Air Force. 10th ABW provides academy support services; 306th FTG is the AETC airmanship training unit.[56]
Vance Air Force Base Enid, Oklahoma 36°20′22″N 097°55′02″W / 36.33944°N 97.91722°W / 36.33944; -97.91722 (Vance ANGB) AETC 71st Flying Training Wing.png 71st Flying Training Wing 19th Air Force. Specialized undergraduate pilot training (UPT). Aircraft include T-6 Texan II, T-1 Jayhawk, T-38 Talon[57]
Vandenberg Air Force Base Lompoc, California 34°43′57″N 120°34′05″W / 34.73250°N 120.56806°W / 34.73250; -120.56806 (Vandenberg AFB) AFSC 30th Space Wing.png 30th Space Wing
381st Training Group
Launches satellites into polar orbit from the West Coast, using expendable boosters (Pegasus, Taurus, Minotaur, Atlas V and Delta IV). Wing personnel also support the Service’s LGM-30G Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Force Development Evaluation program.[58]
Whiteman Air Force Base Knob Noster, Missouri 38°43′49″N 093°32′53″W / 38.73028°N 93.54806°W / 38.73028; -93.54806 (Whiteman AFB) AFGSC 509th Bomb Wing.png
131st Fighter Wing.png
442d Fighter Wing.png
509th Bomb Wing
131st Bomb Wing (MO ANG)
442d Fighter Wing (AFRC)
Operates B-2 Spirit stealth bomber designed to be employed to strike high-value targets that are either out of range of conventional aircraft or considered to be too heavily defended for conventional aircraft to strike without a high risk of loss. Also supports Air Force Reserve A-10 Thunderbolt II operations.[59]
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Dayton, Ohio 39°49′23″N 084°02′58″W / 39.82306°N 84.04944°W / 39.82306; -84.04944 (Wright-Patterson AFB) AFMC 88th Air Base Wing.png
445th Airlift Wing.png
88th Air Base Wing
445th Airlift Wing(AFRC)
591st Supply Chain Management Group
HQ, Air Force Materiel Command. Wright-Patterson is the headquarters of the Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC); Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGSC) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). It is also the home base of the 445th Airlift Wing of the Air Force Reserve Command, an Air Mobility Command-gained unit which flies the C-17 Globemaster III heavy airlifter. Also home of the National Museum of the United States Air Force.