• What is GoFlightMedicine (GFM)?
    • GoFlightMedicine is an educational online endeavor created by individuals with a passion for aviation, medicine, and where these two professions intersect.


  • What is the aim of GFM?
    • Go Flight Medicine aims to be a free educational service that presents thought-provoking information on topics pertinent to aviation and aerospace medicine. Our hope is to establish ourselves as the eminent source for information in these disciplines. We also have striven to create an interactive experience where visiting professionals and enthusiasts can share content as well as consume the data presented.


  • How do I get my original literary piece published on GFM?
    • Visit the Contact Us page. Submit any original literary piece to GoFlightMedicine for possible publishing on the website. Include how you prefer your name to appear and in which category you wish to publish. All submissions will be reviewed to ensure no copyright infringements nor plagiarism has occurred. GoFlightMedicine bears the right to accept or reject any piece submitted.


  • How do I advertise my product on GFM?
    • Visit the Contact Us page. Submit your proposition directly to GoFlightMedicine and we will reply as soon as practical. GoFlightMedicine will only advertise products and services that are consistent with the mission & content we endorse. We refuse to advertise any product or service that is inappropriate or sexually explicit.