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Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

What you ingest (and digest) is critically important to your overall health! But where to start? Nutrition is one of the most confusing and seemingly contradictory areas in the study of medicine. This is likely due to the complexity of interacting systems and high number of confounders. There seems to be an ever growing number of fad diets and experts providing advice on the best things to eat. Our approach at GFM is to take a non-dogmatic and scientific approach to the bewildering world of nutrition.

In this section, we will discuss a variety of approaches to weight loss, nutrition, health optimization, dietary supplements, fasting and more.


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Does Bilberry Extract Improve Night Vision in Pilots?

Does Bilberry Extract Improve Night Vision in Pilots?

BLUF:  Bilberry is probably not effective in improving night vision visual acuity or contrast recognition. It recently was brought to my attention that some pilots have added bilberry to their…

Dietary Supplements in Aircrew

Dietary Supplements in Aircrew

“Ok, I got this nailed- Vitamin M, dip, coffee, Jack & Coke.  That’s what makes a fighter pilot” ~ Anonymous Fighter Pilot Although this may be the typical formula that fighter…

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