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Phiz Biz: GFM Partners with USAF Aerospace Physiologists

Phiz Biz (a clever play on Physiology Business) is a monthly newsletter produced by the USAF Aerospace and Operational Physiology Flight at Peterson AFB in Colorado.  The team started this tradition back in 2008 and continues to consistently publish it to this day.  The monthly articles are currently being written by SSgt Mark “Nemo” McHugh & SrA Mary Czarnecki.

[Check out this previous GFM post for a longer discussion on both the history and current mission of USAF Aerospace & Operational Physiologists]

Phiz Biz currently reaches a military audience of approximately 250,000.  The purpose of the newsletter is to educate aircrew and other military personnel on critical topics in aerospace and operational/occupational medicine.

Starting this month, Go Flight Medicine will begin sharing this newsletter with our audience as our mutual interests seem well aligned.  We are very excited about this partnership and hope you enjoy.  Check out the July newsletter below and let us know what you think!


Hearing Safety: Noise Induced Hearing Loss

July 2018 Phiz Biz PDF