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USAF Duty Assignments & Airbases

ANG, Reserve & Active Duty USAF Bases

ANG, Reserve & Active Duty USAF Bases

This list of USAF bases was taken from Wikipedia on 16 Sep 2014. Most of the links will redirect you back to the respective wiki page for each base, however, my goal is to get personal accounts of different flight doc experiences at each base to give the important information that you will want to know prior to submitting your wish list to the flight surgeon assignments officer or consultant.

Past and current flight docs, if you have had a first-hand experience that you would be willing to share, please leave a comment on the comment section below to share your experience! Important things to mention are flying opportunities and types of aircraft/operational mission, clinic tempo, deployment opportunities or cycles, the geographic location, and any other pertinent info a junior flight doc would like to know.

Many thanks in advance!